Update! I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the Physics and Astronomy Department, with Dr. Tuan Do as my advisor. Our Machine Learning in Astronomy project explores an understanding of tools and workflows necessary to incorporate machine learning practices into the field of astronomy.

Prior to this, I was at the University of Washington, Seattle working on a Sloan-funded data privacy project (PESD) spearheaded by Nic Weber. I was also a UW Data Science postdoctoral fellow at the eScience Institute.

I research how scientists use technological systems, My expertise is to further an understanding of how scientists use software and tools to generate hypotheses and conclusions. I draw from my mathematical and computing background to understand socio-technical practices in science.

I received a PhD in Information Studies from UCLA, and previously, an MS in pure mathematics, a BFA in painting, and an AS in computer science.